photo by D. Chalich

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Look Left, Walk Green: A Shocking Tale of Losing the Past and Choosing to Gain the Future. 

ECT, commonly known as ‘shock therapy,’ has been used to successfully treat various illnesses since the late 1930s and is still in use around the world today. Famous for causing memory loss to some degree, ECT suffers a good deal of misconception about how it works and what it does and doesn’t do. In this memoir about the ins and outs of this controversial treatment, K. Rose Quayle chronicles the pitfalls and triumphs of losing the past and choosing to gain the future. Perfect for those who’ve gone through ECT, those contemplating ECT and anybody curious in-between.



The Book of Moon: an Loúr ihn G’éalach

“She thought I was too stupid to wonder about the world beyond us and too small to handle the truth that we weren’t alone. And I suppose, too weak to accept I wasn’t wanted in that world I’d been told over and over was too dangerous for me, but clearly wasn’t so for my sisters…and though Little Dandhō said I was part of her family, did I have my own in the Outside? Wasn’t anyone looking for me?”Mi’hal’ē is different from all the other análong, not just on the outside but in ways even she doesn’t understand. Born into a world where no one else looks like her, Mi’hal’ē’s ah’sha has forbidden her to go Outside past the fields. But the key to who she is and who she belongs to might lie far further past the Outside than anyone knows. And if Mi’hal’ē ever does find her truth, can she accept its responsibilities? The Book of Moon: an Loúr ihn G’éalach follows the journey of one young análong as she discovers the truth about family, the price of identity, the power of choice and the requirement of love to save the world.



Skittle’s Little Book of Kitten Wisdom

Through adorable photos and simple tips, Skittle the Kitten talks about how to live a mentally healthy life.



This Business of Becoming Mad

This Business of Becoming Mad‘s collection of poetry follows a 25 year span of madness from first hospitalization to living as a mad woman in society and through relationships, to welcoming the world into madness during the Covid-19 pandemic.