K. Rose Quayle

©D. Chalich

**Happy Christmas! For those who like to colour to relax or use as a grounding technique for mental health, here are some colouring sheets you may download for personal use or share online for any non-commercial purpose. Please click on the download links below the images to save a PDF to your device for printing.

K. Rose Quayle was born in New Orleans, LA but currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She received her Associate of Graphic Design from PTI and did coursework in Communications Design at Pratt Institute. She works primarily in watercolour and ink,  likes to dabble with photography and is the author of Look Left, Walk Green: A Shocking Tale of Losing the Past and Choosing to Gain the Future (2017), The Book of Moon: an Loúr ihn G’éalach (2019), and Skittle’s Little Book of Kitten Wisdom (2020). In her spare time she loves to wax nostalgic about the ’80s on her blog Yello80s and hang out with her husband and their mini-zoo. Serious inquiries please use the form below.